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  "Wow!  Where did you get that cool bag?"  Prepare to hear this a lot when you take your Laura Maclay handbag out for a spin.  And then, of course, please send them to this website.  Chances are though, they won't be able to get exactly the same bag because all of my handbag designs have very limited runs, and change constantly.  I design, construct, and sign each bag because I consider them works of art, and hope you do too!

  Expect the unexpected with a Laura Maclay design--like a mermaid with bas-relief breasts or a dancing dog with an enormous snail balanced on her arm.  Tastefully elegant bags might feature floral or insect motifs--spiders frequently "drop in" to my designs, dangling from leaves or flowers.  Like many fiber artists, I draw inspiration from the natural world (and, of course, that includes cats!)  The work of such artists as Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, and Kaffee Fassett also inspires me.

  I'm obviously not trying to compete with Kate Spade, Fendi, Coach, or Gucci, but I do immensely enjoy the work of Lulu Guiness.  I like the idea of a simple outfit accessorized with an extraordinary bag.  Many of my customers have told me that carrying one of my bags "has made their whole outfit."

  "How long did it take to make that bag?" That's a question I hear a lot.  Well, to borrow a phrase from a fellow artist, "years and years" because that's how long I've been perfecting my craft.  My mother taught me to sew in the fourth grade, and in the 20+ years since then I have made a zillion outfits including party and wedding dresses; tailored suits, coats and jackets; costumes; home accessories such as drapes, futon covers, quilts, throw pillows, and tablecloths; and of course catnip bags. (No, I have not made cat frocks... yet.)

  I studied art in college and continue to paint and draw.  I taught myself machine embroidery from library books and have experimented constantly with new ideas and techniques.  In the future, I plan to add wall hangings to my website, so please visit frequently!

Contact Information