Laura Maclay Designs

Bag Construction and Technique


I design and construct each bag out of a set amount of fabrics. Because of this, each style is a limited edition., and the fabric may vary from that in the picture. Of course, if you wanted to purchase a bag, you would be informed of any changes before purchase, subject to your approval.

For the body of the bag I generally use an upholstery weight fabric, while appliques may be of lighter cottons or silks. Many of my bags have a handle on one side that is drawn through loops on the other side which makes it close automatically when you put it on your arm. I came up with this nifty technique myself, and I haven't seen any other bags with this yet! These bags also have a magnetic snap on the inner top edge. Each bag is constructed with a foam interliner that gives the bag a crisp shape while retaining flexibility. Each bag is fully lined, usually with some sort of wacky print, and has a small inner pocket on one side for little things. No cardboard is used in the bottom of these bags. A fabric protector has been applied to the bags, and dry cleaning is recommended.


Most of my work is machine embroidered. I use a variety of cotton hand embroidery flosses, thin yarns, and rayon thread. I do a lot of "bobbin work". This means that the thicker thread or yarn is wound on the machine bobbin, and the design is worked from the wrong side (this will only make sense to people who sew). These designs are not computerized, and are executed in a free-hand style, thus ensuring the uniqueness of each bag. For bags that make use of applique, I cut out shapes from my chosen fabric after applying a fusible backing and then machine stitch the edges securely.